Breathable. Comfortable. Reusable


Crafted with high-grade silicone and PE materials

Exceeding industry standard for filtration

Ergonomic fit

Air-tight Seal 

Pull-lock strap 

>95% Filtration 

Durable & Reusable 

Collapsible & Portable 

"I feel the difference"


Breathe in the clean air that you deserve


Face Fitting & Airtight Seal

Our mask is made of medical grade silicone designed to fit your face comfortably.

It offers an airtight seal to ensure no air leakage from the sides which is where many other consumer masks (especially cloth masks and disposable masks) suffer from.

breatheasy masks also come with strategically placed ridges to direct airflow to ensure optimum breathability.

mask airflow
filter power

5-Layered Filtration

Our certified-HEPA filters are able to provide >95% filtration efficiency that blocks out PM0.3 micro-particles, preventing them from entering your lungs when you breathe.

We’ve EVEN included activated carbon technology to stop all odors and smells (cigarettes, flatulence) from entering your body.

Anti-microbial pre-filter layers are added on the front-side and the backside of our multi-layered filters, to eliminate harmful bacteria on BOTH exhalation and inhalation for a complete protection.

Durable & Reusable

Our mask is designed to be durable and long lasting. Its modular design allows mask components to be easily taken apart, cleansed and disinfected.

It is made to withstand the vigors of day-to-day, hour-on-hour usage for more than 3 years.


"The silicon is comfortable, I wear on a daily basis for work, I want a mask that is washable and waterproof as I work under the sun."
Adam Kasim
Essential Service worker
"I was looking for a mask that's easier to breathe as my husband has to use mask for long hours and mostly in hot weather. He said it's better compared to N95 masks."
Nor Asyikin
"I feel a difference between breatheasy mask and the standard 3M N95 Mask. The silicon gel face piece also gives better protection, which is exactly what I want."
James Lim
Fitness Trainer


As a medtech startup, our mission is to make high quality health products affordable for all. To enhance accessibility , we are on a Pay-it-forward initiative where we will  donate 1 mask for every 4 masks purchased to the frontline essential workers in your community.

Can the breatheasy mask protect against Covid-19

Wearing a face mask does not guarantee 100% protection against diseases. It only reduces its probability. With breatheasy Face Mask’s certified HEPA filters,  we ensure >99.7%  of protection. 

Kinexcs fights for COVID mitigation. If you want the breatheasy Face Mask supplied to you in larger quantities than offered, do feel free to contact us directly and we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs.


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